No. Date Description
Procedure 32 29/08/2017 Granting license for non-business cultural product import and export shall be under the competence of Department of Cultural, Sports and Tourism.
Procedure 37: 29/08/2017 Appraisal, approval of content and stick of labels for circulation of electronic game machines built in with a prize paying program intended for foreigners and equipment dedicated for casino games (After the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism provides document certifying eligibility for goods import, list of imports and the Customs authority temporarily releases the goods)
Procedure 36: 29/08/2017 Certification of lists of audiovisual products with imported entertainment contents.
Procedure 35: 29/08/2017 Approving contents of imported movies works
Procedure 34: 29/08/2017 Approving contents of plastic, applied fine art and photographic works
Procedure 33: 29/08/2017 Appraising for non-business exported cultural product of individuals and organizations in the local area
Procedure 23: 29/08/2017 Issuance of permit for entities in local area to invite foreign organization or indiviual for implementing art performance or fashion show in local areas.
Procedure 22: 29/08/2017 Issuance of permit for Vietnamese local organization and individual to go abroad for performing art or fashion show.
Procedure 20 29/08/2017 License to transport photographic works from Vietnam to photography exhibition
Procedure 9 29/08/2017 Procedure 9: Grant permit to oversea Vietnamese, foreign organizations and individuals who carry out study, collection of intangible cultural heritages.