Subordinate Units

  1. Thang Long Song Music And Dance Theater;
  2. Thang Long Water Puppet Theater’
  3. Hanoi Drama Theater;
  4. Hanoi Cheo Theater;
  5. Hanoi Cailuong Theater;
  6. Hanoi Circus and Variety Arts Theater;
  7. Hanoi Museum;
  8. Hanoi Library;
  9. Hanoi Relic Sites Management Board;
  10. Management Board of Hoa Lo Prison Relics;
  11. Cultural and Scientific Center of the Temple of Literature;
  12. Hanoi Cultural Center;
  13. Hanoi Information & Exhibition Center;
  14. Hanoi Sports Training Center;
  15. Hanoi Sports Specialized School;
  16. Hanoi Cultural and Sport News.