Organizational structure

1. Leadership

The Department of Culture and Sports is led by Director and Deputy Directors.

The Director is head of the Department, responsible to the Hanoi City People’s Committee and its chairman as well as law for entire operation of the Department; responsible for reporting his works to the Hanoi city People’s Committee, Hanoi city People’s Commission, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as prescribed.

The Deputy Director acts to assist the Director, is responsible to the Director and law for his/her assigned tasks, and directs the activities of the Department as authorized by the Director upon his absence.

Appointment of the Director and Deputy Directors are determined by the Chairman of the City People’s Committee based on standards on profession and business issued by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and tourism and based on the provisions of law.

The dismissal, reward, discipline and other regimes and policies for the Director and Deputy Directors of the Department shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of law.

2. Functional and professional Sections:

2.1 Office;

2.2 Inspectorate;

2.3 Legal Department;

2.4 Planning – Finance Department;

2.5 Department of building cultural and family lifestyle;

2.6 Arts Management Department;

2.7 Cultural Management Department;

2.8 Physical Training and Sports Management Department;

2.9 Heritage Management Department.

3. Non-business Subordinate Units:

3.1. Thang Long Song Music And Dance Theater;

3.2. Thang Long Water Puppet Theater’

3.3. Hanoi Drama Theater;

3.4. Hanoi Cheo Theater;

3.5. Hanoi Cailuong Theater;

3.6. Hanoi Circus and Variety Arts Theater;

3.7. Hanoi Museum;

3.8. Hanoi Library;

3.9. Hanoi Relic Sites Management Board;

3.10. Management Board of Hoa Lo Prison Relics;

3.11. Cultural and Scientific Center of the Temple of Literature;

3.12. Hanoi Cultural Center;

3.13. Hanoi Information & Exhibition Center;

3.14. Hanoi Sports Training Center;

3.15. Hanoi Sports Specialized School;